What We Do

We help organisations discover opportunities by anticipating change

Our unique set of deep learning tools allows us to make sense of the trends happening around the world, while our multidisciplinary team helps organizations to embrace change and design strategies for the future.

Embracing Constant Adaptation

Implementing new frameworks which allow organizations to remain attractive and relevant to upcoming social groups, disruptive technologies and innovative business models.

Discovering Newness

Observing how emerging signals and changes develop over time and generating unique insights and foresight about people’s future needs, desires, motivations and expec­tations.

Anticipating the future

Materializing foresight to rethink existing products, design services and build new strategies. An organization, business or institution can use this information to leverage their strengths and lead a future that is still not developed.

In an era of accelerated change driven by ever-changing social behaviors, disruptive technology and new business models, it is not the strongest of the business which survives, but the most adaptable.

Disruptive Technologies

Technologies like the Internet, smartphones or machine learning have flipped upside down several industries including music and transport.

Are you ready for the next tech wave?

Business Models

From taking a taxi to renting out your spare room, innovative business models are emerging; changing the status quo in industries like banking or traveling.

Would your business be relevant in 2020?

New Generations

Every day, people are changing their habits and the way they consume services. These new social behaviors arise unseen needs, most common in Millennials and Gen Z.

Do you understand the new generations?

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