Cultural Research

Understand people's needs, motivations, and expectations in your industry.

People change their minds. That is a fact. It entails a shift in preferences, tastes, and needs. You should adjust your products and services to stay relevant in the new market paradigm. However, not many teams are proficient enough to conduct in-depth fieldwork and explore people’s shifting needs.

What can a Cultural Research do for you?

Our Cultural Research provides in-depth engagement with customers, stakeholders, and experts in your industry. It explores cultural behaviors, generational shifts, and organizational capabilities. It enables your team to understand why people think in a certain way and how it might affect your business.

In-depth qualitative interviews

Capture rich, descriptive insight about people’s behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions.

Smart digital surveys

Create custom segmentations and hyper-targeted audiences to collect extensive quantitative data.

Comprehensive consumer research

Step into people’s shoes and observe how consumers behave in their natural setting.

Analyze staff capabilities

Discover perceptions, tacit knowledge and unexploited capabilities from your employees.

Reach market experts

Gain deep insights and understanding from market experts and opinion leaders in your industry.

Collect customer feedback

Verify new products, services, and strategies with people to minimize risk before implementation.

Who can benefit from a Cultural Research?

Our Cultural Research is designed to support most departments in your organization, like strategy and human resources. It creates context about why things happen, allowing teams to gain deeper insight.

Strategy Managers

Untap customer and stakeholders need to steer your strategy and profit from new opportunities.

Marketing Managers

Discover existing consumer’s mental models and expectations to drive your next marketing campaign.

Human Resources

Understand existing culture and competencies inside the organization to maximize efficiency.

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